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Safari Trabzon Tourism and Travel Company was established in the beautiful city of Trabzon in 2011. The company has been building upon its accumulated expertise for over a decade, dating back to 2003 in the same city.

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We aim to excel in corporate travel services by providing tailored experiences. We aim to become the top travel agency for corporate clients by delivering unique customized experiences


Abdul Latif Tabbara is a highly experienced engineer with a degree in computer engineering from the Technical University of the Black Sea in Trabzon.

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When you choose Safari Trabzon, you are selecting a unique and comprehensive travel experience in some of Turkey's finest tourist cities


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Enjoy thrilling tourist trips in Trabzon, Istanbul, and Antalya. (SalamAir, Oman Air, Flydubai, and Air Arabia)


Our professional team is dedicated to delivering top-quality services with expertise and commitment.


Achieving customer satisfaction by providing exceptional tourism experiences.

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Artvin City

Artvin is a beautiful Turkish city located in the northeast of the country, known for its stunning natural landscapes and rich culture. Let's explore some of the distinctive tourist attractions in this unique city.

  1. Dolishane Church (Dolishane Kilisesi): Dolishane Church is one of the important historical landmarks in Artvin. The church's history dates back to the Middle Ages and is considered a historical masterpiece worth visiting for archaeology and heritage enthusiasts.
  2. Cehennem Deresi Canyon: Cehennem Deresi Canyon offers stunning views of the mountains and the river, making it an ideal place for hiking and enjoying nature. The carved rock walls and water channels create charming views that leave visitors amazed.
  3. Borçka Karagöl Lake: Borçka Karagöl Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the region. Surrounded by green mountains, it is a peaceful place that offers opportunities for walking and enjoying the tranquility and wonderful natural scenery.
  4. Dilberdüzü: Dilberdüzü is one of the charming mountainous areas in Artvin. Visitors have the opportunity to hike and enjoy the fresh air and stunning views of the mountains and valleys.
  5. Mençuna Waterfall: Mençuna Waterfall is one of the largest waterfalls in Turkey. This waterfall represents a wonderful natural scene, where water flows between dense rocks, creating a charming view.
  6. Artvin Castle (Artvin Kalesi): Artvin Castle is part of the city's history, offering visitors the opportunity to explore ancient structures and enjoy magnificent views of the city and the surrounding mountains.
  7. Çoruh River: Çoruh River is an inspiration for water sports enthusiasts, where visitors can go on boat trips and kayaking. The river boasts a stunning natural environment and magnificent landscapes.
In summary, Artvin city in Turkey offers a unique tourist experience, where visitors can explore the beauty of nature and enjoy the history and local culture.

Giresun City

If you're looking for a unique tourist experience in Turkey, Giresun city is one of the destinations that combines breathtaking nature with rich history. Let's take a look at the highlights of tourist attractions in this beautiful city.

  1. Giresun Island: Giresun Island is one of the natural gems in Turkey, where visitors can enjoy white sandy beaches and crystal-clear blue waters. Spending a day on the island is a peaceful and exciting experience at the same time.
  2. Giresun Waterfalls (Kuzalan): Kuzalan Waterfalls add a touch of natural beauty to the area. Visitors can enjoy watching the magnificent waterfalls and listening to the sound of rushing water.
  3. Blue Lake: The Blue Lake is one of the wonderful natural landmarks in Giresun. Visitors can stroll around the lake and enjoy the picturesque views and fresh air.
  4. Giresun Castle and Tripolis Castle: Giresun Castle and Tripolis Castle reflect the history of the region. Visitors can explore their ancient structures and enjoy the magnificent views from the walls.
  5. Virgin Mary Monastery: The history of the Virgin Mary Monastery dates back to the Middle Ages, representing an important place for history and spirituality. Visitors can explore the religious buildings and enjoy the tranquility and peace in this sacred site.
In summary, Giresun city combines rich history with breathtaking nature, making it one of the wonderful tourist destinations in Turkey. Travel and enjoy an unforgettable experience in this charming city.

Ordu City

Ordu city in Turkey hosts charming tourist spots that combine breathtaking nature with rich history, making it an ideal destination for visitors seeking diverse experiences. Let's take a look at the top tourist attractions in this unique city.

  1. Barşambo Highlands: Barşambo Highlands are one of the most important natural landmarks in Ordu. Climbing these highlands is an exciting journey where visitors can enjoy splendid views of the green landscapes and the Black Sea.
  2. Ulugöl Lake: Ulugöl Lake offers a serene and beautiful atmosphere, where visitors can stroll around the lake and enjoy the breathtaking natural scenery and fun water activities.
  3. Ordu Cable Car: A cable car ride in Ordu is a unique way to enjoy mountain and sea views. The cable car provides an exciting journey to the highest peaks, giving visitors the opportunity to capture stunning photos and enjoy the fresh air.
  4. Aypaşte Forests: Aypaşte forests in Ordu stretch over vast areas, providing a peaceful environment for hikers and nature lovers. Visitors can take walks or bike rides to explore the beauty of the forests.
  5. Ordu Waterfalls: Ordu Waterfalls add a touch of beauty to the area. Visitors can enjoy the magnificent views of the waterfalls and listen to the soothing sound of water.
  6. Onya Castle: Onya Castle is one of the prominent historical sites in the city. Built in the Middle Ages, it offers visitors the opportunity to explore history and ancient architecture.
  7. Kurul Castle: Kurul Castle is one of the important historical landmarks in Ordu. Visitors can explore its ancient walls and enjoy the stunning views from the top.
  8. Chocolate Factory: Visitors shouldn't miss a visit to the chocolate factory in Ordu, where they can enjoy tasting delicious chocolate and see the production process.
In summary, Ordu city in Turkey embodies a wonderful balance between nature and history, making it a distinctive

Ayder Village

Located in the Turkish Alps, Ayder Village sits on the slopes of the Kaçkar Mountains overlooking the Black Sea coast in northern Turkey, approximately 170 km east of Trabzon city. It's one of the natural gems that transports visitors to a serene and beautiful world away from the city's hustle and bustle. Here's an overview of Ayder and some of its distinctive tourist attractions:

  1. Breathtaking Nature: Ayder village is characterized by its natural beauty and rich history, making it a unique tourist destination. Its scattered houses and buildings on those slopes create a picturesque scene, where towering mountains meet the clouds and their peaks covered in snow throughout the year, while surrounded by green forests. Amidst this greenery and freshness, there are springs and cascading waterfalls flowing from the mountains, forming rivers that add splendor and beauty to the scenery.
  2. Ancient Stone Bridge: Ayder village is adorned with an ancient stone bridge that adds a historical charm to the place. Walking across this bridge is an unforgettable experience where visitors can explore the beauty of traditional architecture.
  3. Tea Plantations: Surrounding Ayder are green tea plantations, where visitors can visit these plantations, understand the tea production process, and participate in tea leaf picking.
  4. Bell Castle: Bell Castle is one of the historical landmarks in Ayder, reflecting magnificent Ottoman architecture. Visitors can explore the ancient walls and the tower that offers splendid views of the surrounding area.
  5. Bridal Veil Waterfalls: Bridal Veil Waterfalls are one of the natural wonders in Ayder. Visitors can enjoy the breathtaking views of the waterfall flowing between the rocks resembling a bridal veil, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and scenic views enthusiasts.
  6. Parks and Sports Activities: Ayder offers designated areas for parks and nature trails, where visitors can enjoy leisurely walks and sports activities in splendid settings such as rowing, aerial jumping over rivers, and mountain rope games.
Ayder in Ardahan city is one of the unique and distinctive tourist destinations in Turkey, where visitors can enjoy natural diversity and wonderful history. Additionally, exploring Bell Castle and visiting Bridal Veil Waterfalls offer an unforgettable cultural and historical experience. A visit to Ayder is a special tourist trip that combines the beauty of nature with the charm of history.

Rize City - The Jewel of the Black Sea Coast

Located on the Black Sea coast in northern Turkey, Rize city is one of the splendid tourist destinations that combines breathtaking nature with rich history. Here's a closer look at this beautiful city and its distinctive tourist attractions, including Rize Castle and the famous tea cup monument.

Rize Coast:
Rize beaches are among the top destinations for nature enthusiasts and beach lovers. Visitors can enjoy the golden sands and sparkling sea waters, along with the magnificent natural landscapes of the city's surrounding coasts.

Rize Castle:
Rize Castle boasts a rich history spanning several centuries. The castle reflects unique architectural elements blending Ottoman and Byzantine styles, offering splendid views of the city and the Black Sea.

Old Port:
The old port is a lively center in the city, where visitors can stroll through local markets and enjoy shopping from traditional shops. It's also an ideal spot to relax and savor fresh seafood.

Tea Cup Monument Hall:
At the heart of Rize city, the main square features a giant monument of a tea cup, symbolizing the region's hospitality and traditions. This monument is an eye-catching masterpiece reflecting the cultural significance of tea in the lives of local residents.

Visit to Rize Art Museum:
Rize Art Museum showcases a diverse art collection spanning across ages, making it a wonderful destination for art and culture enthusiasts.

Rize city, with its castle, tea cup monument, and stunning coast, is a unique and exciting tourist destination in northern Turkey. A visit to Rize offers an unforgettable experience where visitors can enjoy the diversity of nature, rich history, and art, making it an ideal destination for tourists, culture lovers, and adventurers alike.

Ozengol Village and Its Lake

Ozengol Village is located in the coastal province of Trabzon and is one of the charming tourist destinations in Turkey. The village is renowned for its magnificent natural beauty and captivating views that capture the hearts of visitors.

The Enchanting Lake:
Ozengol Lake is one of the prominent landmarks in the area. The lake is characterized by its clear, shimmering blue waters, surrounded by green mountains and forests, creating a breathtaking view enjoyed by visitors. Visitors can take wonderful walks around the lake or enjoy boat rides to admire the magnificent nature from the middle of the lake.

The Stunning Nature:
Ozengol Village is a living example of natural beauty in Trabzon. It is surrounded by green forests and fertile plains, making it an ideal place for long walks and enjoying the fresh air. The diverse bird and wildlife add a touch of natural beauty to this village.

Cultural Heritage:
In addition to its natural beauty, Ozengol Village embraces a rich history. Visitors can explore the historical and cultural landmarks in the area, such as ancient mosques and historical artifacts reflecting the influence of Ottoman culture in the region.

Tourism and Entertainment:
Ozengol Village offers a variety of recreational activities for visitors, from enjoying delicious Turkish cuisine in local restaurants to shopping in local markets.

Ozengol Village and its lake combine pristine natural beauty with cultural heritage, making it a unique destination for visitors heading to Trabzon province. If you're looking for a unique experience in the heart of charming Turkish nature, Ozengol Village is the perfect choice for enjoying peace and beauty.


Zigana is a beautiful tourist village situated approximately 2115 meters above sea level, 66 km from Trabzon and 48 km from Kusundara. It boasts the longest mountain tunnel in Turkey, with the region's altitude reaching 1795 meters above sea level. The tunnel is 1702 meters long, 11 meters wide, and has a ceiling height of 8 meters.

Sumela Monastery

Located about 55 km from Trabzon, the road to Sumela Monastery is characterized by forests, rivers, and waterfalls. The monastery is a colossal building perched on the steep slopes of a narrow valley in the Maska region. Situated at an altitude of about 1200 meters above sea level, it overlooks many mountain landscapes. The monastery was founded in 386 during the reign of Emperor Theodosius I by two priests who believed in the presence of the Virgin Mary in a cave on the mountain behind the building.

Hamsikoy Village

Hamsikoy Village is a mountain village renowned for its stunning nature and delicious cuisine, located approximately 25 km from Macka and about 52 km from Trabzon. The region is known for its dense forests, multiple rivers, and beautiful mountain arches. It's famous for a delicious dessert called "Muhallebi" (rice pudding), in addition to some tasty rural dishes.

Haydar Nebi Highlands

The Haydar Nebi Highlands is a natural elevated area consisting of mountain slopes and perennially green plateaus, blanketed with white snow during the winter season. Its main features include:

  1. The towering elevation above sea level, reaching up to 1600 meters, making the highlands a panoramic area offering stunning natural vistas and breathtaking views above the clouds and mist.
  2. The traditional rural atmosphere characterized by cottages, cafes, and restaurants scattered throughout the area.
  3. The dense greenery covering the mountain slopes and surrounding plateaus. Camping activities held in the area amidst beautiful nature.
  4. The presence of a natural lake where fishing activities are available amidst lush green meadows.